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Brazilian psychologist

I am a certified clinical psychologist and since 2000 I help my clients in overcoming their inner issues to have a more meaningful life.

Throughout this time period I acquired sufficient experience, knowledge and capabilities to further understand and assist my clients with issues about self-esteem and daily distress among others.

I work with techniques targeting relief of anxiety and other emotional burden carried sometimes without either our awareness or understanding.

Often life situations take so much of us, causing health problems because of stress, depression and daily lack of energy. It is important that we can early identify these symptoms and reverse it before reaching a chronic and hurtful state.

The understanding of body and mind brings results that certainly will have a positive impact, firstly on us, but also on people around us, such as family, friends and colleagues.

An effective psychological treatment helps you to be happier by knowing and accepting yourself as you are. The psychological counseling aims to enhance your strengths and minimize the weaknesses, in order to improve patient’s quality of life and do not promote a frustrated attempt to change other people’s behavior.

Going under a therapy is allowing to know yourself deeper and helping you not to be afraid of facing your inner conflicts, in an aim for improving your quality of life.

Who I am

Brazilian psychologist (living since 2008 in Denmark).

Since 2000 having clinical experience, providing patients with successful counseling for disorders and problems such as depression, relationship/family issues, anxiety, obesity, eating disorders, vigorexia (muscle dysmorphia), low self-esteem and other issues.

I have also 4 years of experience in corporate Human Resources area, where I trained patients on coaching, public speech, interview techniques, in addition to administration of profile tests to job candidates. In these situations, I have always approached the patient’s anxieties and frustrations in order to obtain a more balanced self-esteem, naturally leading to the achievement of better results for the patient.

I am also specialist in Eating Disorders and Obesity, major granted by the renowned Hospital das Clínicas at School Medicine of University of São Paulo/SP – Brazil, where I have helped patients with anorexia, bulimia and morbid obesity. I have also been responsible for psychological management before and after gastroplasty (bypass surgery), which has been proven to be the key in a successful post-surgery outcome.


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